Monday, 19 October 2009

Rock-a-Billy Fever at The Bathhouse

This tendency of mine to stay home and watch movies instead of hitting the town and being naughty has really taken its toll on my blog entries on London's exciting nightlife, or lack there of. Not to mention, my youth. These past couple of months, instead, have been used more for restful and lazy popcorn movie nights and have, as a result, triggered a disconcerting feeling of being completely disconnected with everything that happens post 11pm in London. All of a sudden I find myself being completely at a loss for words when it comes to advising my friends and visitors on cool spots to check out on Thursdays and Friday nights in the city. This cannot happen! I am now a London blogger, and this cannot happen!

I was going to have to change my ways. It was Saturday night, I was going to change my ways. I was going to put on my party dress. That was decided. I was going to kick up my heels and rouge my lips. Pick up a bandanna from my costume and dress up drawer.  Perk up that ponytail. Fluff up that front fringe. Don't go easy on the hairspray. Spray it on. Spray it on real good. Spray it on like there's no tomorrow. Hairspray holds everything together I find, especially when it  comes to my sanity. Yes I'm going out. I'm tying a bandanna around my neck and picking up those giant hoop earrings from my long lost jewelry box. I put on the highest waisted jeans I've got, and belt them high, with a big fat purple belt. I button up that short sleeved white shirt and tuck it in tight. I pirk up that collar too. Then I slip into my cool black motorcycle jacket and I'm ready to go. 

(Just kidding, I wish that was me!)

It's Rock-a-Billy night at the Bathhouse on Bishopsgate in Shoreditch and it is time to do that twist tonight. Yeah, Baby! This place is a real treasure. It is an old historical venue, with a crazy combination of Turkish bath-ness and Victorian-ness. Weird. But so so cool. The dance floor is crowded and filled with East London's coolest alternative youngsters who come for the "drinking, dancing and romancing". It is a weird weird place. You can even find a DJ rockin and rollin it in his birdcage DJ booth. The Rock-a-Billy fever (every Saturday at the Bathhouse) is vibrant and taking over our bodies and inhibitions. We dance to Grease, Dirty Dancing and Elvis. We dance, we laugh, we are alive again. Yes!

The Bathhouse, Bishopsgate, Shoreditch

The Birdcage DJ Booth at the Bathhouse


  1. that place is an amazing venue. Not everyday that you get to see people dressed up in 50s outfits dancing in an old turkish steam bath...

  2. Youth? Loss of youth? Don't let me even get started on that one. Be assured, LZ, you sparkle of youth and bubble of bubbliness. Just take it easy on the purple belts :-)