Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Queen's Lunch off the King's Road

It has recently come to my attention that the idiomatic expression "ladies who lunch" does not necessarily carry a pejorative tone. Now, in its original definition, ladies who lunch, are well-off women, who occasionally meet socially with other equally well-off women, during the work week to discuss socially important topics, like fundraising and charities and benefits, and other things involving the raising of funds, and have a jolly good time doing it. It may be that these women are slim, do not work, are classically dressed and classically beautiful, but most of the time, they are just plain rich. This definition, it seems, may have been broadened over time to fit the modern day definition of women, with their not-so-recent emancipation, divorce, and the fact that women are more and more present in the work place.

Jackie O., the Ultimate Trophy Wife

On a side note, let me just add that my friend, who will remain unnamed for the sake of her own safety and reputation, has also requested to put the definition of the "trophy wife" back on the table. She once admitted to me that she aspires to the trophy wife status.  If you ask me, I would never wish myself or any of my friends for that matter, to be associated with such a denigrating view of women. The definition of the "trophy wife," to me, is pretty self-explanatory. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but to me, a trophy wife is a woman whose self-respect is slim to none, and although she is educated, smart and beautiful, she favors a life standing alongside a man with money and a glamorous lifestyle at the detriment of a happy, fulfilled and intellectually stimulating life with another less wealthy but more challenging partner. That's how I define the trophy wife. But maybe that's because, as a closet feminist (and yes a closet fat kid), I pretend to respect our kind. 

Ladies who lunch, on the other hand, well...I have to admit that, yes, I like to have lunch. With my fellow ladies, no less. What's wrong with lunch? It just so happens that using the word "lunch" as an action verb may also give it a snobby connotation. We lunch, we luncheon...We summer! Same thing. Sounds snooty, right? Anyways, let me get back to why I think that I too, am a lady who lunches. Yes, I like lunch. Yes, I happen to be in the presence of other ladies, most of the time. But the conversations are limitless. And we chat and laugh...about a lot of things. We discuss very important topics, from weekend plans and the best cupcake, to the health care controversy in the US and Obama's next gray hair. Manicomio, the deli not the restaurant, is the ultimate cool "ladies who lunch" spot. Though it can also be enjoyed by men who lunch. Located off the King's Road in the charming Duke of York Square, this lovely gem of a place has the best Carpaccio and the best Fig and Prosciutto salad I have ever eaten and other delicious treats, such as whole wheat and grain breads and yummy desserts. You can also enjoy your lunch out back in the conservatory or even in the courtyard if the weather permits. I was taken there by a lady once and I plan to return the favor to many more ladies, with whom I can share an enjoyable lunch. And I refuse to leave feeling like a Susan. I am no Desperate Housewife!

                             Manicomio Deli, Duke of York Square


  1. Wiki says: 'A wife, usually young and attractive, regarded as a status symbol for the husband, usually older and affluent'.
    Well, as I am awfully young AND attractive, you can count me in on the trophy wives. Hehe. Besides, the detriment of a happy, fulfilled and intellectually stimulating life with another less wealthy but more challenging partner was at no point a topic. Sure, there were other 'contestants'. But none of them would have been able to make me happier or challenge me more intellectually. But I agree, trophy wife is not a lifestyle one should desire to achieve, but a circumstance one should decide to be happy to live with or not.
    Yours truly,
    Mrs married to M Nerdiness

    PS: Let's do lunch soon.

  2. Met Mum! I happen to be meeting the nerd for lunch today for some brainstorming. FYI, no matter how hard you try, you will never reach trophy wifedom. Not because you don't have the looks, which you do, but only because I don't believe standing alongside anyone is your kinda thing. You're more of a standing in front type of lady,) I Looooove lunch, let's do lunch!